Connect with more customers in their inboxes

Deliverability errors and poor email performance go hand in hand.

Mailmonitor is a comprehensive toolset that makes it easy for you to understand when your emails go to the spam folder and what to do about it.

Inbox Delivery Insights

Optimize your inbox placement with email seed tests you can rely on

Email seeds are a list of email addresses that you can send emails to diagnose deliverability issues across different mailbox providers like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

But most seeds are barely reflective of your actual customers base. They have an unreliable representation of major business and free webmail providers.

MailMonitor’s global network of 400+ seed accounts across 60 B2B and B2C mailbox providers is tailored to the composition of your mailing list. So you can accurately prioritize and fix problems with the most impact on your inbox delivery rates.

Inbox Tab Placement

See whether your emails land in the spam or inbox tabs like primary and promotions with spam scores from the world’s most widely used spam filters.

ISP Trends

Isolate and prioritize high-impact issues based on the inbox placement, time to inbox, and authentication for each mailbox provider.

Smart Suggestions

Get personalized suggestions to fix your inbox delivery and email health with extensive insights from delivering billions of emails to the inbox.

Email Reputation Monitoring

Monitor your ecosystem and take control of your sender reputation

Each mailbox provider builds a reputation for the emails it receives from you. Your sending reputation is crucial for them to determine whether to send your emails to the inbox or the spam folder.

Hitting spam traps and email blocklists together with dubious mailing practices is the definitive way to lose your email credibility.

MailMonitor helps you mitigate costly deliverability errors with comprehensive monitoring of your email infrastructure and reputation. We’ll alert you as soon as something needs your attention. Just set it and forget it.

Email Blocklist

With hundreds of blocklists out there, we monitor the ones that really matter for your inbox rates. And if you get listed, we’ll tell you whom to contact for delisting.

Spam Traps

Spam traps are bot emails used by Internet Service Providers to identify spam. Our proprietary and partner network lets you detect any email spam trap activity.

Email Infrastructure

By monitoring your DNS server and DMARC authentication, we set up your infrastructure for delivering more emails to the inbox while protecting your brand against spoofing attacks.

Email is a crucial communication channel for your business, so getting it right is a must

You spend a lot of time and money to perfect your email campaigns. But all those backbreaking efforts go to vain if your emails don’t make it to the inbox.
MailMonitor lets you test, monitor, and optimize your inbox placement without overwhelming you with clunky dashboards that take forever to set up and navigate.

Everything you need for pre-send, in-flight, and post-send email deliverability optimization in a single toolset

We get along with all email service providers

Get started in minutes any integrations necessary.

 Just send your campaigns to our seed list of email addresses and set up reputation monitoring with your IP or domain address.

And the deliverability insights will start flowing.