5 Email Re-Engagement Campaigns That Inspire

Do you realize that 25 percent of your current, active email list will die off this year?  It’s true!  Creating strong email lists is a time-consuming effort, so don’t let all that work go to waste!  Instead of chalking these users up as gone forever, create new email re-engagement opportunities that will allow you to […]

5 Reasons to Never Buy Email Lists

With so many businesses looking to buy and sell their email lists, it’s no wonder that direct marketing has gotten a bad rap over the past few years.  While some of those lists that are being sold might advertise themselves as being an “opted-in list“, the reality is that they’re not. And even if a customer […]

Email Feedback Loops: Everything You Need to Know

What are Email Feedback Loops? Email Feedback Loops (FBL) is a dedicated service offered by some of the leading ISPs that will report back complaints to senders in the event of a subscriber hitting the spam or junk button in their inbox. This service helps senders in keeping a clean email list. The main aim of the […]

The Benefits of Double Opt-in vs Single Opt-in

As part of the CAN-SPAM Act, you must obtain permission from a user before emailing them. How you obtain their permission, via single opt-in or double opt-in, is a question each business must decide for themselves. Perhaps you’ve already answered this question, but now, as you are conducting your quarterly email audit, you find yourself wondering […]