Guide to Spam Proof Email Marketing: Part 1 – Why Email Marketing

Welcome to our six-part series, “Your Guide to Spam Proof Email Marketing.”  As your partners in email deliverability, we want to help you create email marketing campaigns that succeed, which is why we created this series. Our series will be broken into the following six posts: Part 1: Why Email Marketing Part 2: Getting Started […]

First Things First – Email Authentication

So you’ve scheduled a new offer for potential customers and you think you’ll be getting great conversions on these emails. But just when you hit your dashboard to monitor the results, you see a very different picture – you notice that a lot of your emails never got opened, ringing an alarm that maybe your […]

Terms and Subscription Agreement

From time to time to time we do edit our subscription agreement and terms. Our terms are unchanged and can be viewed at: MailMonitor Terms of Use We have made a few updates to our Master Subscription agreement can be downloaded from the following link: MailMonitor Subscription Agreement You can also view our full Privacy […]