Why MailMonitor?

Missed emails are missed oportunities

It’s hard enough to engage customers when your emails land in the inbox. How hard will it be if they don’t get a chance to see it?

Mailmonitor makes it easy to optimize your inbox delivery rates even if you’re not an email deliverability expert.

No hidden charges or surprises for you

We don’t sell crucial features as add-ons. Nor do we hide our plan credits like some other vendors so we could upsell you more of our stuff later.
For products in our weight class, you get 5X more ROI with MailMonitor’s predictable and affordable pricing.

Connect with your customers and not just their mail servers

When email service providers tell you about your email delivery rate, they refer to the emails accepted by recipient mailboxes.
Email deliverability instead refers to the emails that land in the inbox and not the spam folder after being accepted. As emails that are not delivered to the inbox won’t be seen, your email deliverability is directly tied to your email revenue.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

Although email deliverability is multi-faceted, it isn’t rocket science. Incomplete and irrelevant diagnosis data only adds to its complexity.
MailMonitor brings together all the tools for fixing your inbox placement without overwhelming you with clunky dashboards take forever to set up and navigate.

You’re not on your own through this

Not everyone has the time, skills, and expertise to tackle email deliverability challenges.
Our dedicated onboarding and ongoing support give you a head start to improve your inbox rates. And if you need more assistance, our done-for-you services help.

Email marketers have a lot on their plate, and deliverability shouldn’t be one of them

While increasing spam volumes and tighter filtering algorithms have made reaching the inbox harder than ever, email marketers should be doing what they do best instead of worrying about their email deliverability. With MailMonitor, you can understand when your emails go to the spam folder and what to do about it.

Setup in minutes

Get started in minutes without any integrations necessary. We focus on the signals that matter for your bottom line instead of overwhelming you with irrelevant data.

Actionable data

There’s only so much time you have; there’s only so much data you can check. That’s why we invest a lot to keep our deliverability data reliable and actionable.

3B+ emails inboxed

20% of all opt-in email is delivered to the spam or junk folder. For over a decade now, we have helped brands big and small deliver their emails to the inbox.

We work with the top minds in this industry

MailMonitor partners with ISPs, mailbox providers, and anti-spam organizations to tackle spam and keep email engaging for everyone.