Our Brand Story

MailMonitor’s Deliverability Journey

Since 2010 we’ve helped businesses like TikTok, HSBC, SoundCloud, MailChimp and many others monitor their Sender Reputations and Improve Deliverability to the Inbox.
Most online businesses never solve their inbox placement issues mainly because they lack access to critical tools, clear data, and best practice. Approximately 90% of all email ever sent never makes it to the inbox, which directly affects business growth.

Back in 2010, Jay Wadley, founder of MailMonitor, was seeking for a tool that would help him improve email deliverability of one of his quickly-growing businesses. There was only one company offering this at the time and Jay couldn’t afford to pay the money they asked in exchange for the service. This is when he came up with the idea to start building his own solution – MailMonitor. Jay had a clear vision to launch a self-serve software solution that would outfit businesses of all sizes with deliverability analytics so they too can reach their customers like any of the Fortune 500 companies were doing.

This is how the MailMonitor platform was born, with the goal to provide advanced, actionable analytics to businesses, email marketers and email service providers at a fair price. Jay’s vision and strategy shortly positioned MailMonitor as a top of mind email monitoring tool.

You can be our next success story!

Why We’re Different

We’re the only deliverabilty provider that gets you started in minutes. No setup fees, long-term contracts or endless meetings and phone calls.

Meet The Team

With a background in both email marketing and data analysis, and a relentless passion for high-level email campaign performance, the MailMonitor team has quickly become a trusted partner for marketers, email service providers, serving companies all around the globe.

CEO of MailMonitor

Adrian is an entrepreneur in the software and nutraceutical industries. His passion is removing obstacles between people and their health, as well as helping companies effectively reach their audience. He has been a key figure in the formation, development, execution and acquisition of a wide variety of startups across multiple industries.

CTO of MailMonitor

Chris is a serial entrepreneur and professional with more than 20 years of experience in computer science, machine learning, and AI. He graduated MIT (B.S.) and Carnegie Mellon University (PhD) and is currently a CTO at MailMonitor. Chris is Co-founder & CTO of Rubric (marketing automation platform), CTO and VP of Engineering Broadbase; CTO of Kana.

VP of Marketing

Milena is an entrepreneur, coach, project manager and innovation evangelist with more than 10 years of management experience and deep knowledge of business and product development, web production and digital transformation. She is professional, flexible, creative, and service-oriented, passionate about productivity, growth and marketing automation.

Associations and Affiliations

As an industry leader, MailMonitor works hard to stay connected to the top minds in our field and to keep our finger on the pulse of innovation. That’s why we are members of some of the most prestigious groups and foster an environment of continuing education for our team and our clients.