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Having engaged and loyal customers can seriously boost your company’s revenue, and creating an email engagement strategy will help you get there. While it’s acceptable to do general mailings to your entire customer base, regardless of their engagement status, it’s best practice to develop a separate strategy for those customers who engage with you on a regular basis.

So let’s talk about how you can increase your customer engagement through email marketing.


Key Metrics for Email Engagement

Customer engagement will directly influence your email deliverability and determine how your emails will land in subscriber inboxes. Most of the leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs), such as Gmail, AOL, Outlook, Yahoo, and Comcast, use custom algorithms to measure email engagement.

Below are some of the major positive and negative engagement metrics used by these ISP algorithms. These are also the metrics you’ll want to monitor in order to see if your engagement strategy is working — reaching your targeted users:

Positive Metrics:

  • Clicks – The number of recipients who click links in your emails
  • Opens – Your emails will only be considered “opened” if the images are downloaded by the recipient; prereader screens of emails does not count
  • This is Not Spam – When the subscriber indicates to the ISP that they want to receive your emails by clicking “This is Not Spam” link
  • Saving Emails – This means that the subscriber is saving emails to a specific folder from the primary inbox

Negative Metrics:

  • Spam Rate – The number of subscribers marking your emails as spam
  • Unsubscribe Rate – The number of recipients who click the “Unsubscribe” button on your emails
  • Straight Deletes – The number of instant/repeated deletes of your emails without it being opened


Tips on Boosting Email Engagement

So how do you drive the positive metric engagement for your email marketing campaigns? Here are five tips to get you started:

  • Create Value in the Subject Line – Your subject lines need to be special. If the subscribers are throwing your emails in the trash before opening them, chances are that they don’t like what they see in the subject lines or in the sender’s email address. Be sure to convey the value of the content in your emails through your subject lines. Click here for a cheat sheet on effective subject lines to boost the open rates.
  • Create CTAs that Converts – Call to actions (CTAs) are entrances to your sales funnel. Are they easy for your subscribers to spot? Is the button copy motivating enough? Make sure you do enough testing to perfect this step.
  • Personalize Your Content – There can be instances where your open rates can be great at the start but die out with the passage of time. This can be because your content and offers are not living up to the expectations of your subscribers. It is essential to personalize your emails, sending out the most relevant offers to your subscribers. Along with addressing your recipient with his/her name, it will be a good idea to segment your email lists based on factors like demographics and purchase history.
  • Email Automation – Marketing automation is a process that combines the software and strategy to help you create personalized and more relevant email campaigns. Some of the key automation features include A/B testing, dynamic content, and personalization. You might want to invest your time (and money) in automating your emails.
  • Optimize for Mobile – More and more people are using mobile devices to read emails. Therefore, it is essential to use responsive designs that will optimize your emails for mobile to ensure your subscriber engagement metrics do not suffer.

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