Email Feedback Loops: Everything You Need to Know

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Email Feedback Loop

What are Email Feedback Loops?

Email Feedback Loops (FBL) is a dedicated service offered by some of the leading ISPs that will report back complaints to senders in the event of a subscriber hitting the spam or junk button in their inbox. This service helps senders in keeping a clean email list. The main aim of the Feedback Loops is to help senders listen to the subscribers and take necessary actions, including removing such subscribers from an email list.

As an email marketer, the complaints registered by the FBL should be taken seriously and should serve as a starting point in identifying the underlying issues with both your content and the sending frequency.


Benefits of Email Feedback Loops

  • Remove Members Who Complain – As stated above, the primary purpose of Feedback Loops is to unsubscribe complaining members from your database. This helps in decreasing any damage to deliverability.
  • Identification of Compromised Hosts – You should never take network security lightly. It is possible that your IP has been compromised, in which case you may receive complaints on content you never sent – something an FBL can help you identify.
  • Detect Faulty Acquisition Methods – An FBL can help you identify which campaigns are problematic, leading to understanding factors like frequency and content.


Requirements for Email Feedback Loops

The requirements vary from one ISP to another. Below are some of the standard guidelines that will help you set up while applying for a Feedback Loop:

  • You must be the owner of the IP/domain or have administrative rights in order to register
  • The domain must have a functional postmaster@ or abuse @ email address
  • The rDNS of the IP being entered must match the domain used
  • ISPs also specify that you have a good reputation to be accepted for FBL (one way to build a good reputation is to never buy email lists)


Famous ISP Email Feedback Loops

It should be noted that Feedback Loops are not provided by all ISPs, and they are resource intensive. Below are the major ISPs that provide FBL:


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