In February, Google announced that it is incorporating its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) initiative into Gmail in order to offer a better experience to mobile email users.  The open-source initiative was initially designed to make websites, ads and other online interactivity perform at a higher rate across devices and platforms.

As email marketing continues to evolve, so do user expectations.  Gone are the days of simply sending content for users to read and digest.  Today’s marketing emails include actionable user engagement activities, videos, and shareable content.  Thus, Google decided it was time to add AMP to the already expansive arsenal of tools offered to its mobile Gmail user base.

This new technology will make activities such as taking surveys or adding events to a calendar faster, it will also allow for content to stay updated.  Since so many users now rely solely on their mobile devices, AMP will allow information, like flight or event details, to stay up-to-date, making it easier for mobile users to find and digest the most accurate and current content.

While the actual roll-out is almost a year away, Google has made the AMP for Emap Specs available today, giving developers ample time to preview and become familiar with the technology.

There is no doubt that this new technology will take email marketing to a new level and allow more companies to engage on a deeper level with a broader audience.

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