Guide to Spam Proof Email Marketing: Part 4 – Personalized Email Marketing

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While email marketing experts agree on the importance of building email lists, it is equally important to get your segmentation right and create personalized email marketing.

In this, part 4 of our email series ‘Your Guide to Spam Proof Email Marketing,‘ we will look at ways to segment your lists and create personalized email marketing messages.

Personalized Email Marketing: List Segmentation

Email List Segmentation is the process of breaking down your subscriber list into smaller groups according to their interests, wants and needs.  This segmentation is essential for you to be able to send out personalized and extremely relevant emails to each of the groups.

Instead of sending out each and every email to each and every subscriber, segmentation will allow you to send each email only to the subscribers you’ve deemed to be the most interested in the content, leading to a much higher rate of conversion and a much lower rate of being considered as spam by an end user.

Personalized Email Marketing: Importance of Segmentation

Segmenting your email lists is a proven way to improve your email open rates, decrease the rate of unsubscribes and bump up your click-through rates.  This is the reason why the most successful email marketers use email list segmentation to the fullest to improve the effectiveness of all of their email marketing campaigns.

You will have to tag your subscribers into different segments to ensure that you send out powerful, customized auto-responders and not just some automated, generic robotic communication.  These will be a series of emails sent out automatically to the relevant subscribers, based on certain conditions, enabling you to better nurture your leads and achieve higher conversions and sales.

Segmentation also allows you to better structure your subject lines and messages for specific groups of people instead of sending out generic stuff that won’t hit the bull’s eye for your entire email list.

So how do you divide your email lists into segments?  Here are a few ways to help get you started:

  • New Subscribers – For sure, you will be sending out welcome emails and a series of other introductory emails to them.
  • Interests – What do your subscribers like? Are they fans of rap music or are lovers of Jazz?
  • Preferences – Segment subscribers based on what offerings of yours are they the most interested in.
  • Location – This will help you target local subscribers when there is an event held be you near them.
  • Inactivity – Touch base with inactive subscribers, telling them what they’re missing.
  • Open Rate – Rewarding more engaging subscribers is always a good idea!
  • Shopping Cart Abandoners – Remind these users that they haven’t checked out – maybe add some incentives there.
  • Lead Magnet – Send customized emails based on the kind of lead magnet they opted for.

How to Improve Your Email Open Rates

Now that you have your email marketing service, your opt-in form, lead magnet, and your email segmentation, you’re ready to create great emails.  The first step is to ensure you stay away from spam filters and prevent unsubscribers.

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