Hotmail / Supports IMAP….FINALLY

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Just recently (formerly Hotmail) began supporting IMAP.

What is IMAP and what does this mean for Mail Monitor accounts?

IMAP allows applications to connect and read emails from any folder inside an email account. The other method of connection is POP3 which only allows access to the inbox of email accounts.

When Microsoft only allowed POP3 access, this meant that MailMonitor only had visibility into the inbox for delivery reporting. That was fine if your email was delivered to the inbox, but if your email was delivered to the Spam folder, it showed up as missing which was often confusing. Missing at could mean blocked completely or delivered to the spam folder. Those are very different things.

Now that IMAP is supported we can see right into the bulk/spam folder and report on delivery more accurately to Hotmail and accounts. Well done Microsoft…finally!

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