Take Your Email Marketing Strategy Out of the Gate Like a Boss in 2018

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A new year means a new chance to tell your story and make a splash with your email marketing strategy!  In order to come out of the gate strong and end up in the Winner’s Circle in 2018, it’s time to reflect on your wins and loses of 2017, take stock of what tools you have at your disposal, define where you want to be at the end of next year, and create your plan for success now.

You’ve reviewed 2017 and laid out your goals for 2018…now it’s time to figure out how you’ll get there.  Here are few strategies to consider incorporating into your winning plan of attack:

Go Big or Go Home

There are some things in life where bigger can not only mean better but can also mean stronger.  Your email list is one such animal.  A large, well vetted, email list provides the power to drive more opens, clicks, and conversions.  In order to keep your list working in your favor, you have two components to stay on top of continually:

  1. Develop an email list maintenance strategy, that includes regular email list audits, and stick to it!  Remove old emails for inactive users and ensure that you’re only contacting users who opted in (and don’t grow your email list by buying addresses — that is simply a recipe for disaster).
  2. Run quarterly re-engagement campaigns.  Users that do not interact with these campaigns or that opt-out due to them, should be removed from your list.  This will help your list stay fresh and will give the occasional nudge to sleeping users, reminding them why it’s great to do business with your company.

Don’t Just Reports…Read Them!

If you use service like MailMonitor and Google Analytics, they have features and tools that will monitor and create reports one your emails, reputation, user engagement and website performance.  Both provide you such rich information that when combined, you’ll be able to see a complete picture of the health of your brand’s online reputation and marketing efforts.

Take the time to read the reports, reflect upon the data, and revamp your campaigns, keywords, tagging, and messaging based on what you discover.  While daily might be a bit much to ask of anyone, weekly monitoring and reporting on findings should be doable for most; plus, it will allow you to keep your finger of the pulse your email marketing efforts and course adjust quickly if necessary.

Knowledge is Power

Don’t settle for the way things have always been done before.  Technology changes constantly and new innovations in email marketing are introduced almost weekly.  Sign-up for email marketing industry blogs and newsletters and follow well known innovative thought leaders.

Carve out 30 minutes to an hour daily to catch up on what’s new in your industry and in the world of email marketing.  Check out trends and new technology before it goes mainstream and share your findings with others on social media.  Not only you create a following for your brand, you’ll also establish your brand as thought leaders and give your email marketing strategy an upper hand.

For more tips and tricks for creating a large, healthy email list and marketing strategy for 2018, check out our Guide to Spam Proof Email Marketing series.

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