10 Ways to Keep Your Email Engagement Fresh and Optimized

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Email Marketing continues to be one of the strongest, most trusted, ways for marketers and businesses to reach new customers and stay engaged with current customers.  If executed with purpose, personalized email engagements campaigns, are the most effective outlet for marketing hands down.

Email marketing optimization is the best way to ensure the success of email campaigns; however, it’s often one of the most neglected practices, specifically for smaller companies and entrepreneurs as they don’t always have the time and resources available to devote to the process of optimization.

For those finding themselves in this position, the suite of tools offered by MailMonitor will allow you to optimize like a pro and enhance the overall performance of your email campaigns.

Email optimization is cost-effective, versatile, immediate, personal and of course, trackable.  However, all of this is true only if your emails are opened.  So how do you achieve a good open rate? We look at some of the 10 easy ways to keep your email engagement fresh and optimized.

  1. Segment your email lists into targeted user groups. Segmenting your email database should be a top priority for you. Segmenting will provide you with the ability to create targeted email messages that will appeal to a particular group, which will directly increase your click-through rates.
  2. Always send from a real person that recipients can reply to. Gone are the days of using a standard, impersonal [email protected]  Emails from such email addresses will typically now go straight to a user’s trash folder.
  3. Make the subject line your moment to shine. You can make all the difference to the open rates with a killer subject line, so think carefully about this one.  Also, avoid long subject lines, keeping them under 50 characters for maximum impact, and refrain from excessive punctuation, such as multiple exclamation marks.
  4. Have a killer preheader. This is where you can capitalize on the interest created from the subject line. Give your recipients a taste of what to expect from the email.
  5. Define clear expectations for your subscribers. Before you start sending out emails, it is a good idea to let your recipients know what type of content and emails they should be expecting from you. Avoid the standard lines like “Can’t read this email? View the web version.”
  6. Highlight your Call-To-Action. It is recommended that you display your CTA near the top so that the recipients can see it even without scrolling.
  7. Have emails optimized for mobile. More and more emails are now being opened on a mobile device. It only makes sense to make sure you have your email marketing campaigns optimized for mobile and other portable devices.
  8. Personalization is the key. The moment you personalize your emails with the recipient’s name, you have increased your chances of getting a better open rate and a superb click-through rate as well as stronger conversion rates. Use your recipient’s name in the subject lines as well as the main body.
  9. Give complete control to your recipients. It makes no sense in being pushy with your email marketing campaigns. It is better to give all kinds of control options to your subscribers, including opting in or out, type of content and frequency of emails. Sending too many emails can seriously damage your chances of conversion so be balanced.
  10. Monitor and analyze everything. Keep studying the behaviors of your customers. What time of the day do they open the emails the most? What type of links are they clicking in your emails? What are their interests?

Want to see how the MailMonitor suite of tools can help your business master email deliverability and increase your overal marketing email engagement performance?  Contact us and request a demo!

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