5 Outstanding Black Friday & Cyber Monday Emails That Uplift Email Deliverability

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It’s November – Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us!

It’s the time when every email marketer and e-commerce superstar wants to smash last year’s sales record and the customers are out hunting for a bargain.

Did you know that Black Friday shoppers spent a total of $7.4 billion online last year – beating the year before by $1.2 billion!

Running out of time? We are here to help.

The closer it is to Black Friday, the harder the “hunting for customers” game gets. But with our tested and proven tips plus 5 real-life examples, you will break sales in no time.

Are these 3 the most unpleasant issues in your email campaigns?
  1. You’re seeing a drop in engagement rates, such as opens and CTRs, but you don’t know why.
  2. You’re noticing a sharp increase in email bounces but unsure what to do with it.
  3. You keep monitoring these metrics but have zero clue about the root cause and the answer to what’s troubling your email performance.

Email is an indispensable component of the way you communicate and build strong relationships with your customers. To ensure you’re maximizing your efforts, staying on top of your email campaign performance needs to be your #1 job (ok, maybe after the morning coffee).

Let’s take a look at these 5 irresistible emails that actually boost engagement (they are all real examples).


  1. Short but punchy

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Email IKEA

Why it’s excellent

Powerful CTA gets the click

Be straight to the point. Be creative. Your customers love that. Replace the generic “Shop here” message with a call-to-action like “Act now” – it tells the consumers what to do, inviting them to take action right away.

Urgency sells

No one likes to miss out. A message like “Last chance to save” with a discounted price gives a sense of urgency. It forces people to act right away and stop wasting time on second-guessing. When you present an offer in front of these people and tell them they need to act now or time slips away – they will add it to cart.


        1. Did you forget this?


Why it’s excellent

Reminders pay off

And that is how abandoned cart emails work (and what they should look like)!

These are sent to your customers who have added products to their cart but didn’t check out. An extremely effective sales recovery tactic on its own – though it needs to be done correctly with the flawless email deliverability system. What is email deliverability? We’ll get to that soon, stay with us.


        1. Air of exclusivity


Why it’s excellent

VIP treatment

Who doesn’t love being part of something special?

Got some high-spending customers that you want to reward? Send them a ‘VIP email exclusive” email!

The best way to achieve this is to tailor your discount based on channels that your customers find you on. To do this flawlessly, you need an updated email list segmentation based on different criteria, ensuring the lists are free of hard and soft bounced email accounts.


  1. Keep it simple stupid


Why it’s excellent

Clean and striking design

A picture tells a thousand words. But a great design sells a million products. When designing your email campaigns, pay attention not only to the content, word count and the graphic elements. Be succinct, use clean but attractive images to bring out your Black Friday or Cyber Monday message for the deals. One thing you should never do is put too much in an email and let your message drown.


  1. Save the date


Why it’s excellent

Counting down to the big sale

Apart from discounts and offers, one thing customers love is counting down to a big sales event. Using a striking countdown timer like ’17 hours to go’ is telling customers to set a reminder, because a fantastic sale is about to happen.

To execute emails like this correctly, you need to strategically time your campaign and send it at the right moment, or the countdown becomes meaningless. We’ll show you how to do that next.

All these examples are strategically great for your holidays email marketing campaigns and engaging with customers, but first, reach their inbox!

This is when your email deliverability index takes center stage.

Inbox placement and IP reputation are crucial to the success of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday email campaigns, not to mention your precious email ROI. A well-managed email deliverability ensures email gets received and seen by your customers, every time.

Why you can’t afford poor email deliverability!

  1. Each campaign costs you money
    Avoid overspending your budget because of badly managed email marketing campaigns.
  2. Hyper digital is the future
    Given the current climate, most consumers prefer to shop from the comfort and safety of their own homes. eCommerce is your one and only chance to capitalize on all their holiday spending.

Will email deliverability impact my sales?

If your email gets bounced, it doesn’t get delivered. Doesn’t matter how brilliant your offers are, no one will see them and you won’t make a single sale. That is the brutal truth.

How to avoid spam filters?

You can’t. Spam filters are part of the process and the technology plays an integral part in the success of your email campaigns. Hence we encourage you to learn how they work, improve your IP reputation and run an email deliverability testing before spending a dime on your campaigns.

Sounds hard? It doesn’t have to be!

It is our life mission to help companies and email marketers that spend thousands of dollars on email marketing campaign to maximize their subscriber reach. We love setting you up for success.

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  • We give you actionable solutions on how to work with spam filters, understand your sending reputation and how to improve it.
  • We take time to listen to your business challenges.
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