Inbox Deliverability Has a New Look

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MailMonitor’s Analytics Platform

You aren’t imagining it…the MailMonitor Seed Testing and Sender Reputation App has a new look just in time for Fall! 

And there is more to our new look than meets the eye:

  • Graph displays make reviewing reports easier and provide the ability to easily compare historical performance
  • Icons and charts offer the ability to scan and quickly target potential issues
  • Design Monitor allows you to preview your emails, giving you deeper insight into how your email campaigns will look
  • Tooltips to help you traverse the many features and tools of our app
  • Overview Dashboard provides a more complete look at your overall sender reputation and inbox placement percentages over time


Our new look also lays the foundation for several additional features that will be launching later this month in an effort to provide you with a more robust suite of tools to better manage your inbox delivery and sender reputation metrics.

We would love your feedback on the new look!  If you have questions about how things work within our new design, are running into issues, or have ideas on how we can make the MailMonitor App better, send us a note at Or send us a ticket from inside the app by clicking on the floating HELP icon or via the Help section in the left-hand navigation.

Stay tuned for more new features that we will be rolling out over the next 30-days!

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