How to Check Your Sender Reputation

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While keeping a watchful eye on traditional email marketing metrics, such as open, bounce, and click-through rates, are important for measuring your marketing performance, the metric that can have the biggest impact on your campaign performance is one that is often overlooked.  Your email sender reputation can impact your ability to land in the inbox and kill your chances of reaching your target audience.

What is your email reputation (also referred to as your sender reputation or sender score)?  The definition of email reputation is that it’s the measurement of your company’s marketing email sending practices against the guidelines of various ISPs, the Canned Spam Act. and DMARC guidelines.

To ensure your marketing emails land in the inbox of your target audience, you have to do everything you can to keep your sender reputation on the positive side.  The more proactive you can be with your email reputation, the better and more consistent your email marketing efforts will be.

We recommend that you do a full review of your sender reputation every month and use tools, like those found in the MailMonitor suite of tools, to manage your email reputation on a daily basis.

What Impacts Your Sender Reputation?

When calculating an email sender score, an ISP will use a combination of factors to define your score.  Here are a few of the factors they monitor:
  • The number of user complaints or user-generated spam reports filed against you
  • The total volume of hard bounces and spam score for your company
  • Spam trap engagement for your email campaigns
  • Your company’s domain reputation
  • Your company’s overall email history

To keep your email reputation score in good standing, you should perform regular email audits, incorporate an email opt-in practice for users being added to your email lists, and run your marketing emails through spam filtering tools before sending them.


How to Managed Your Sender Reputation

You’ll know if your reputation is bad or if you’ve been blacklisted because you’ll see a dramatic drop in your email deliverability metrics or an ISP will notify you directly.  Typically the service provider will inform you as to the specifics around why you might have been blacklisted.

In addition to your MailMonitor account tools, you can also check out Barracuda Central and TrustedSource (by McAfee).  Both provide additional information about your domain’s email and web reputation as well as details around your affiliations, domain name system (DNS), and mail server information.  These quick lookup tools are great additions to your overall email marketing strategy.

You can find out if you’ve been blacklisted by running a blacklist test on your domain name and/or IP address inside your MailMonitor account

Protecting Your Email Reputation

It is not uncommon to see email senders with a high-performance rate or score that are still having inboxing problems. Thus the importance of keeping a watchful eye on the performance of your email marketing campaigns consistently. If you see strange trends or unusual activity, check it out immediately.

MailMonitor offers a suite of tools and services that will help you manage your email reputation and keep your company off email blacklists:
  • Proactive Email Monitoring and Set-up
  • IP Warm-up
  • Whitelisting and Blacklist Removal
  • Build and Repair Sender Reputation
  • Deliverability Audit

Want to see how the MailMonitor suite of tools can help you manage your email reputation?  Contact us and request a demo!