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When it comes to your email reputation (or sender reputation) and your inbox deliverability performance, they have a bit of a long-term, co-dependent relationship together. Just like any relationship, sometimes their status is deemed “complicated” and other times they happily announce that they are “in a relationship” together.

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To ensure your marketing emails land in the inbox of your target audience, you have to do everything you can to keep their relationship on solid ground. Basically, you are their email relationship counselor. You’ll find, that in order for their relationship to stay on track, you’ll need to work continuously to help them resolve issues that arise.

Ready for a crash course in email relationship therapy? Then let’s get to it, my email counselors!

Email Reputation and Domain Reputation

When your email reputation and domain reputation are in good standing, your email deliverability, or the rate at which your marketing emails are delivered to a subscriber’s account, are high. If your reputation is low, then so goes your deliverability score.

To drive a successful email marketing campaign, it’s critical that your content reaches your target audience. Your inbox deliverability score is devised by the ISPs via a series of metrics such as open rate, click-thru rate, flagged as spam rate, and yes, your email or domain reputation.

If an ISP (Internet Service Provider) determines that your marketing emails are unwarrented by their email users, contain inappropriate content, or are following a ‘suspicious’ sending pattern, then you’ll most likely see your sender or domain reputation score drop. A low score can cause your marketing emails to go directly to the spam folder instead of the inbox or potentially, land your domain on an email blacklist and get blocked all together.

Best Practices for Email Reputation

One of the best ways to protect your email reputation is to only send your marketing emails to those users who have subscribed to receive your emails.  Basically, only those that have invited your emails into their inbox.

Once you’ve received consent, or the user has opted-in to receive your emails, don’t overstep their gracious invitation.  Sending too many emails to your customers can be perceived as being “spammy” in nature and will surely get you flagged by the ISPs.  Create a schedule for all sales and marketing emails and stick to it.  You want your emails to be impactful and something your customers look forward to receiving.

Email Reputation Services

MailMonitor has the tools you need to help keep your email reputation and inbox deliverability relationship humming along in perfect harmony. With our application and online tools, you can be sure to land a consistently high score after the ISPs perform reputation tracking on your email marketing campaigns.

You can find more about our features here or contact us and request a demo.

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