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inbox deliverabilityEmail deliverability is more than just a buzzword marketers toss around.  It’s at the core of any successful marketing strategy.  If your email deliverability rate is low, then chances are your marketing emails aren’t reaching your target audience.

It’s time to crank up your email marketing stats by optimizing your email deliverability strategy!  Here are six email deliverability tips that will help to keep you out of the spam folder and land in user inboxes instead.

Email Deliverability Tips

Unfortunately, most companies don’t think about email inbox deliverability until they have a major issue.  Don’t wait…take time now to ensure that your email strategy includes these email deliverability tips:

  1. Ask Permission First – Before emailing anyone, ensure you have their permission.  Incorporate single or double opt-in steps into your user email sign up process.  If they haven’t opted in to receive your emails, then don’t email them or your emails could get marked as spam.
  2. Be Welcoming – Send a welcome message that allows the user to confirm their opt-in after they sign-up for your newsletter or marketing emails.  Not only is sending a welcome/confirmation email to the user best practice, but it also allows you an additional opportunity to engage with your subscriber.
  3. Home Grow, Don’t Purchase – As you work towards growing your email lists, it’s tempting to purchase lists from outside sources.  Purchasing an email list could land you in hot water with ISPs as you’ll likely get marked as spam or get tangled in a spam trap.  Homegrown lists that you create through organic methods and that include users who have opted-in, or given you permission to email them, are the optimal way to go!
  4. Take Time to Tidy Up – Speaking of your email lists, they are ever evolving entities.  Take time monthly or quarterly to perform an email audit — remove anyone who opted-out and email addresses that have bounced repeatedly.  Keeping your email lists updated and tidy is a great step towards increasing your email deliverability statistics and decreasing your chances of being blacklisted.
  5. Know Your Spam – No, we aren’t talking about that notable rectangle can filled with something passing as ‘ham’ from our childhoods; we are talking about the CAN-SPAM Act.  This act defines requirements and regulations that all marketing emails should follow.  Do you want to stay out of the spam folder?  Then get reacquainted with CAN-SPAM!
  6. Schedule Your Time – Finally, create a content schedule and stick to it!  Emails that come in sporadically raise flags with ISPs.  Plus, your customers will get used to your email schedule and will start to look for your emails…and you don’t want to let them down, do you?

You can give your email deliverability strategy an additional boost by using email testing and validation tools before you send them.  These tools will give you the information you need so you can adjust your emails before you send them, further increasing your odds of landing in the inbox every time.

Want to see how the MailMonitor suite of tools can help your business master email deliverability?  Contact us and request a demo!

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