You spend a lot of time researching topics, identifying keywords, and creating amazing marketing content.  However, all the emails you send are useless if they don’t reach the inboxes of your target audience.  To make sure you land in the inbox every time, you need a strong email deliverability strategy.

A strong email deliverability strategy starts before you send that first email.  From email spam filter testing to creating winning emails, we’ve compiled a list of email best practices that will help you create the perfect email deliverability strategy for your organization.

Elements of Strong Email Deliverability Strategy

email delivery strategiesFirst things first, you should create a subdomain to use for your customer-facing emails and implement a sender policy framework.

These steps serve two purposes.

  • First, a dedicated subdomain will allow for domain-specific monitoring which is important as you work to maintain a positive email or sender reputation.
  • Secondly, users will come to recognize and trust emails from this address, making them more likely to engage with your emails and less likely to report them as spam.

One of the biggest and often overlooked reasons marketing emails aren’t delivered to inboxes has to do with sender reputation.  Using sender reputation scores through tools such as MailMonitor’s Reputation Tracking will help you keep an eye on your score, prevent potentially costly mistakes, and fix issues as soon as they arise.

Another important element for creating a strong email deliverability strategy is to check feedback loops.   Each ISP has a protocol in place to assist you with this step.

Now that you’ve done all the preplanning to ensure your systems are ready to go, it’s time to focus on the emails themselves.  The number one way to ensure success is to stick to a consistent schedule.  Again, users will come to expect emails from you and ISPs will view consistency as less spammy behavior.

Also, make sure you offer the ability for users to unsubscribe to your email lists and opt-in, either via single or double opt-in, to your lists.

personalize email deliverabilitySpeaking of email lists, maintaining your email lists is a critical part in creating a strong email deliverability strategy.   Remove old email addresses and those that consistently bounce.  Segment your main email list into smaller, targeted segments, allowing you to focus your messaging and prevent the over sending of emails.

In general, you only want to contact users once a week, unless you’re doing a flash sale, seasonal sale, or have an important announcement.

Finally, give your emails a personal touch.  User the recipient’s name in the greeting and use a person or mascot’s name in the from or sender’s name field.  For example, we send emails from Rebecca at MailMonitor.  This creates a more personal experience and helps to build a relationship with your users.

Check out our blog archives for more tips on how to create a successful email strategy and maintain a healthy marketing email list.

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