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Marketers around the world find email marketing to be one of the most direct and effective ways to reach out to potential customers and stay connected with current customers.  It’s also a fact that managing to create effective and impactful emails each and every time can be quite a daunting task, making it very hard for most of the marketers to maintain quality.

Not to worry though.  MailMonitor has engaged with industry leaders to define some of the most effective ways to help you create superstar emails that will keep your subscribers satisfied and prevent them from wanting to click the “unsubscribe” button.


Email Marketing: Personalization is the Key

While we have discussed this previously in some of our other blogs, we feel this topic is critical enough for us to cover again in order to make sure all of your emails are as personalized as possible. Put yourself in your subscribers’ place; would you like to receive an email that reads “Dear Customer”?  We didn’t think so.  Emails that start off with such an impersonal greeting will have a high chance of hitting the trash cans of your target user base.

At a bare minimum, you should always make an effort to add the recipient’s name in the email’s subject line and/or main greeting.  If you use marketing automation tools, it will help you personalize the entire messages based on various trigger points.  For example, if a customer makes a purchase or signs up for a demo on your website, there can be appropriate trigger points set to send them a customized welcome and/or thank you email with more information on the purchased products or outlining the next steps in demo process.


Email Marketing: Be Clear With Your Messaging

Consumers these days have a very short attention span and very little free time.  To help them cut through the clutter and get you to message before they lose focus, let them know right away what your email is all about.  A good subject line can really make the difference and ensure that the subscriber opens the email.  It’s also a good idea to mention if your email is a newsletter or an offer in the subject line.


Email Marketing: Show Exclusivity

We, as humans, crave feeling special.  Having a targeted email subject line that says “Fred, We’ve Got Something Especially for You” will provoke a sense of exclusivity to your subscriber.  It will make them feel important and celebrated by your business.  Adding the following types of offers into your email marketing strategy may help create that sense of exclusivity for your customers:

  • Offering exclusive deals and incentives specifically for a defined target group.
  • Provide sneak peeks and other exclusive content to specials to customers before they are made available to the masses.
  • Provide exclusive bonuses and discounts to subscribers who refer other people.
  • Reaching out to subscribers, requesting them to provide a productive feedback in exchange for an incentive.

Email Marketing: Engage with the Higher Management

It can be incredibly helpful to involve your company’s higher management, such as the founder, president or CEO in your emails for special announcements as well as thought leadership content.  These type of messages tend to generate greater engagement and are often an inspiration for your readers.  You can make the opportunity more powerful if you engage with an influencer, a celebrity or any person in your higher management who is well-known.


Email Marketing: Always Offer Quality Content

Whatever you do, make sure your content actually offers value to your readers.  Sure, you can have a beautiful design, a catchy subject line, and brilliant imagery; however, if your content is not of value to the subscriber, you are basically going to lose.  Make each and every email of full quality and not just filler created to reach a monthly quota.

Looking for more information on this topic?  Check out 10 Ways to Keep Your Email Engagement Fresh and Optimized.  We think it’s full of additional information you may find helpful in creating impactful email marketing.

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