Could Your Sender Reputation be Impacting Landing in Inboxes?

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Sender Reputation

As marketers, we often focus on creating the perfect email and spend a great deal of our time monitoring the click-through and open rates of those emails.  While creating catchy content and tracking performance are both important, the most important goal, and sadly, the one we tend to forget about monitoring on a daily basis is managing our company’s email or sender reputation.

Without a positive sender reputation, all our work won’t even make it to the inbox.

What is Reputation Tracking

Reputation tracking, also commonly referred to as Sender Reputation Tracking and is closely linked with the IP address of the mail server that is being used to send emails to your subscribers or customers. ISPs review multiple factors of your email marketing activities and will award you a sender reputation score based on their findings. This score indicates the level of your trustworthiness when it comes to sending non-spam related emails.

While there can be some differences in how each ISP reviews and assigns trustworthiness, there are some common factors that you, as an email marketer, need to familiarize yourself with in order to help yourself score higher.

How to Protect Your Reputation

One of the best ways to protect your sender reputation is to only send email to customers whose permission you have received.  Avoid the temptation or purchasing an email list as this could land you in hot water with the ISPs if lots of customers on that list flag your emails as spam.  It takes time, but it is far more beneficial to your long-term email reputation for you to build your email list the old fashion way….by asking for consent.

You also want to avoid overstepping on the consent to email that you have received.  Sending too many emails to your customers can be perceived as being “spammy” in nature and will surely get you flagged by the ISPs.  Create a schedule for all sales and marketing emails and stick to it.  You want your emails to be impactful and something your customers look forward to receiving.

Finally, you want to monitor your sender reputation on a daily or weekly basis.  This way, if you do see an issue or find yourself on the blacklist, you’ll be able to rectify the situation immediately and hopefully mitigate the potential impact it could have on your ability to send emails.

MailMonitor’s Reputation Tracking Tools

Sender reputation is increasingly important for delivery performance.  While there is no universal standard of measurement to go by, there are a handful of factors that we know all major ISPs consider when calculating email or sender reputation.

MailMonitor gathers various reputation metrics including those through Microsoft’s SNDS (Smart Network Data Services) reporting program to assist the reputation tracking. Our tools automate the daily checking and display reports so senders can identify reputation issues.

The entire MailMonitor team works tirelessly to help our customers with improving their reputation score. With our application and online tools, you can be sure to land a consistently high score after the ISPs perform reputation tracking on your email marketing campaigns. You can find out more about how to improve your overall deliverability rate through our free downloadable guide, Guide to Email Deliverability: Land in the Inbox Every Time.

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