Winning the Email Marketing Game

As we prepare to enter the holiday season, we think now would be a great time to review winning strategies for standard marketing email types.  Most marketing strategies include the email basics in their arsenals: welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, holiday or seasonal specials emails, and newsletters.  But do you understand how each of them actually performs and how to use them to optimize your email marketing strategy?

Let’s take a few minutes to explore each type and explore the best way to use them in your holiday season email marketing strategy.

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are the first message your new customer will typically receive from you, so you want to ensure that it’s engaging and useful.

As these emails have one of the lowest open-rates statistically, don’t spend too much time creating them.  Keep these emails short and sweet and use them to confirm email subscription opt-ins, a purpose/task that will cause a user to open the email and increase your chances of deliverability to the inbox.

Seasonal or Holiday Emails

Seasonal emails are great opportunities to send more personalized messages to your customers and create a stronger relationship with them.  Statistically, personalized email messages have a higher engagement rate.

When sending a personalized email, focus on products and services that your customer has previously shown an interest in.  Offer special pricing, an upsell of a compatible product or service, or an exclusive discount to them for being a valued customer.

Abandon Cart Emails

During the high-buying holiday season, abandon cart emails can have a huge impact on your company’s bottom-line.  These emails help to persuade holiday shoppers to return to your website and finish the purchase process they had previously left.

When not implemented correctly, they are simply deleted, if they even reach in the inbox.  To help increase your odds of reaching the inbox and having your customer take action:

  1. Ensure your email has an alluring subject line that will pique their interest
  2. In addition to highlighting the items the customer left in their cart, offer other items that will compliment their purchase, including similar products at a lower cost
  3. Wait for at least 24-hours before sending your first abandon cart email


Newsletters are the most common emails sent by marketers and offer the most consistent way for you to connect with your customers throughout the holiday buying season.

As newsletters have one of the lowest read rates statistically, you want your emails to stand out, be engaging, and become something your customers look forward to receiving.  To help with open-rates and keep customers engaged:

  1. ensure your newsletters offer a mix of information and entertainment along with your promotional content
  2. send your emails on a consistent schedule

Have questions about the holiday season email strategy you’re creating?  Contact the MailMonitor Managed Services experts and let them review your emails and provide guidance on how to optimize them for maximum inbox deliverability.