MailMonitor Adds UK Domain Tracking

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Many MailMonitor users have a large percentage of customers located in the UK that use domain email. Even if addresses don’t make up the bulk of your list, tracking a wider range of delivery rates can certainly help as your email list grows organically. Many of our clients have been asking for additional UK domain coverage and we’re pleased to add and effective immediately.

On your MailMonitor account setup page, you’ll see the additional seed addresses listed and available for download. Once added to your current distribution list, you’ll start seeing the domain reporting data right away.

In total, MailMonitor now tracks 10 of the most common email domains that make up the vast majority of email lists:

They are Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Apple, Comcast, Road Runner, Cox,, and

Testing and confirming delivery to these common domains is essential for every business that uses email as a communication tool (essentially everyone).

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