Ready to Give Your Marketing Email Open Rates a Boost?

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Marketing Email Open Rates

Your email marketing efforts are only successful if your target audience actually opens your magnificently designed creations and engages with them!  But getting that 25-plus-percent email open rate gold standard can be more elusive than catching a Gyarados Pokemon!

The MailMonitor team has your back!  We’ve pulled together a quick list of easy ways you can improve your email open rate and boost your overall consumer engagement and sales this holiday season.

Improve Marketing Email Open Rate

Even if you already have a strong open rate (well done you, by the way) there is still room for improvement.  Try one or more of the following to give your open rate a boost just in time for the holiday season:

  1. Keep Your List Fresh and Up-to-Date: A stale or outdated list can cause your email marketing open rates to drop.  Email list management is a marketer’s friend…or at least, it should be!  Allow time for a monthly or quarterly email list audit to clear out ‘bad’ emails, inactive subscribers, and to wake up and reconnect with your sleepers.  You might also want to consider including an ongoing strategy to grow your email list organically throughout the year.
  2. Segment Your Email Lists: No all subscribers are equal, so you want to market to them separately.  Create separate email lists and market to them accordingly.  You can base your list on things such as user behavior, paying and non-paying customer status, demographics, or customer loyalty.
  3. Avoid the Black: One of the top concerns of any email marketer is avoiding the blacklist.  Understanding how blacklists work and how to avoid them is a top priority and, as rules and regulations are continually morphing, it’s something you want to stay on top of.  Check out our archives for tips on how to successfully avoid spam traps, stay off blacklists, and to protect your brand email marketing reputation.
  4. Timing is Everything: Creating the right content is only half the battle.  Knowing when to send your emails is as equally important.  Take time to review your reports, stats, and analytics and schedule your campaign send days and times to match the optimal time for the user behavior of each segmented email list.
  5. Be An Inbox Standout: The consumer inbox is a crowded space, so make sure your subject lines stand out from the rest of the pack.  Use the consumer’s first name, be conversational and less formal, user numbers (consumer’s respond well to that), and be less salesy.  If you’ll allow your brand’s personality to shine through and have some fun, you’ll find you’ll get a much better open rate than your more formal, less original competitors.
  6. Be Consistent and Read-Worthy: Make sure what you design and write is going to be worth the consumer’s time.  If you take time to create engaging, fun, and informative content they will be more likely to read it.  And, if you send it consistently, the consumer will begin to expect it and will look out for it.

Check out our blog for other tips on how you can win the email marketing game and rock the upcoming holiday season!

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